Save the Diner!

     The Archbury Foundation is excited and very proud to announce the Fegely's Reading Diner Preservation Project. The goal of which is to save the diner, relocate it somewhere in Berks County, and open it as an historic diner museum attraction for residents and visitors alike to enjoy.

     A brief history of the diner: Howard S. Fegely went from the knitting trade to the diner business in 1935. His first diner was an 8 stool and 4 table Ward _ Dickinson diner located on the Philadelphia Pike east of Reading. In 1938 he purchased an 18 stool and 6 table Monarch model diner from the Jerry O'Mahony Dining Car Company of Elizabeth New Jersey. He continued in business as the Reading Diner from 1938 until 1950 when the diner was relocated to the present site across the street. At this time two dining wings, and a kitchen were built, and the diner was cocooned inside the structure. The name was changed from the Reading Diner to Fegely's and went on to serve the community for 68 years until closing in May of 2003. 

     Noted author and diner consultant Richard J.S. Gutman, known as "The Dinerman" has labeled Fegely's Reading Diner as: "The best example of its type in existence."

     You can become a part of the saving the diner by becoming a member of the AF, by buying a Fegely's tee shirt and mug, or by making a tax-deductible contribution to the Archbury Foundation.

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